With purchasing “The Purist Library” you are a part of a sound family who is based on experienced ears of production sound mixers, sounddesigners and re-recording mixers.

The Purist Library works on the most genuine and highest quality recording- and editing-techniques to support your everyday life as a sounddesigner and mixer in the most efficient way.

“We want pure progress.”

With this in mind „TPL products“ provide you the baseline of your sound editorial. We believe that good sound needs a natural progression. Therefor we record long continuous files with at least 2:30 min runtime.

For the recordings we use omnidirectional microphones with large microphone distances. The result is the greatest possible sound depth for the “all around feeling” you are looking for.

In addition we record with a small rig which is based on an ORTF surround setup (coming soon).

The combination of both recordings techniques will result in an amazing experience with great depth and audible precision.



  • 96KHz for convenient use in „Dolby Atmos“ workflows.
  • SFX recordings 96KHz – 192kHz, 24Bit
  • Best fit for „Dolby Atmos (Home)“ and due to the „Voice of God“ channel it is fully „Auro 3D“ ready
  • TPL products are fully modular interleaved wav files
  • Stereo, 5.0 surround bed layer, quad height layer and mono „Voice of God“
  • For your search convenience all embedded metadata is UCS conform. 
  • For Soundminer users we set markers on all sound highlights. 
  • Cover artwork included


Design of the „Space Creator“

  • The rig for true time-of-arrival stereophony
  • Based on a prototype design of Prof. Gibbs Platen
  • Carbon fiber umbrella design by Sascha Rödiger
  • Adjustable height up to 3,90m
  • Bed layer wingspan: 1,85cm
  • Minimal microphone distances: 0,85m
  • Bed to height layer microphone distance: 1,35m
  • Quad microphone distance 0,85m

Design of the „Small Rig“:

  • The Rig for recording detailed textures
  • Lightweight and mobile design
  • Height layer for mono „Voice of God“
  • Based on an ORTF surround setup


  • Sonosax SX-R4+
  • Zaxcom Nomad 12
  • Zaxcom Nova
  • DPA 2006A
  • Sennheiser MKH 8000 series
  • Schoeps MK capsules
Wind protection:
We use products from a french company named „Cinela“. Due to our tests, it’s the best wind protection for outdoor recording sessions. More infos here
  • Cinela LEO-20
  • Cinela Albert ORTF
  • Cinela Zephyx MS